Our new streaming channels (from May 2022)

The current song Artist & Title will be displayed on media players that support it.

Available Streams: 64k AAC+ Stereo, 192k MP3 Stereo (HD) & 64k MP3 Mono (LD)

The 3mFM website embedded media player is supplied for convenience only.

We recommend using the “Default player” link (below) where possible.

VLC or Winamp programs are recommended for long term listening via the Default Player link.

Default Player: This M3U playlist file provides direct links to all of our streaming channels. https://3mfm.com.au/3mFM_Live_Stream_links.m3u

AAC+ (64k Stereo) is the best choice. Great quality & lower data usage. Supported by the majority of devices. http://listen.3mfm.com.au:881/aac

MP3-HD (192k Stereo) is more universal & great quality, but uses more internet data. http://listen.3mfm.com.au:881/mp3

MP3-LD (64k Mono) uses less internet data, but listening quality is not quite as good. http://listen.3mfm.com.au:881/mp3-ld