How to listen to 3mFM via Live Streaming

Now Playing Artist & Title information.

When we play music & songs from our in-house library (which is most of the time), we send that text information to various places including FM radios & streaming apps.

Not only are details about the currently playing track shown, but in some cases, streaming Apps remember & display the previously played tracks. Online Radio Box shows the last 7 days including date & time.

Music played direct by a Presenter using CDs, Vinyl or other methods, do not send this information, so you’ll need to listen carefully, as the Presenter will generally give that information verbally. Those tracks will NOT appear on our playlist

FM radio display

Radio RDS displays currently playing track ((Where supported. Available in most modern cars).

Streaming channels (new from May 2022)

The current song Artist & Title will be displayed on media players that support it.

Available Streams: 64k AAC+ Stereo, 192k MP3 Stereo (HD) & 64k MP3 Mono (LD)

The 3mFM website embedded media player is supplied for convenience only. Use a Media Player for longer listening.

We recommend using the “Default player” link (below) where possible.

Default Player: This M3U playlist file provides direct links to all of our streaming channels.

AAC+ (64k Stereo) is the best choice. Great quality & lower data usage. Supported by the majority of devices.

MP3-HD (192k Stereo) is more universal & great quality, but uses more internet data.

MP3-LD (64k Mono) uses less internet data, but listening quality is not quite as good.

Media Players & Streaming Apps

Listen using a Media Player

Some popular media players for PCs…

VLC player (MS Windows / Apple Mac)

iTunes (MS Windows / Apple Mac)

Windows Media Player (MS Windows)

You can paste the Streaming Channel links given above into your preferred media player.

Sonos – Home sound system

Manage > Add Radio Station > Paste the AAC+ (64k Stereo) URL given above > 3mFM > Ok

Listen using an App.

TuneIn, Community Radio Plus, myTuner Radio, Online Radio Box & Radio-Australia we actively support. Many others also work. We are currently implementing active support of iHeartRadio

The ‘TuneIn’ App

Displays currently playing track & Album Art (pretty cool), but not previously played tracks.

Google Playstore

Apple App Store


Also Sonos, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod & many other devices.

“Hey Google, play 3mFM” works
“Alexa, play 3mF on TuneIn” works (note: M left out of FM

The ‘Community Radio Plus’ App

Displays about 2 hours of previous track history.

Google Play Store

Apple App Store


The ‘Online Radio Box’ App

Displays the largest amount of previously played tracks (7 days), including the time played.

Google Play Store

Apple App Store


For previously played tracks , Select the ‘Playlist’ option.

Don’t want to install an App? Visit the 3mFM playlist at Online Radio Box website now.

The ‘iHeart Radio’ App

3mFM not yet listed. We will be added soon

Google Play Store

Apple App Store


The ‘myTuner Radio’ App

Displays current & previously played tracks & album art.

Google Play Store

Apple App Store