On-Air Volunteers

  • Would you like to be behind the mic or produce for someone?
  • Do you have a type of show in mind?
  • Or perhaps you’re more technically minded?

3mFM is always looking for volunteers willing to be trained to present and/or produce radio programs. You can work individually or there may be a couple of you wanting to produce and present a program together.

Station Volunteers

You may be able to give us a hand for a couple of hours. Activities that you can be involved in include

  • Technical assistance
  • Reception
  • Join a subcommittee
  • Computer work
  • Research

The backbone of the radio station are 3mFM volunteers doing all those jobs behind the scenes at the station, at Outside Broadcasts and at fundraising events.

We appreciate & need our Volunteers

Volunteers must firstly be Members of South Gippsland 3mFM Radio.

For more information on becoming a Volunteer call us on (03) 5674 1900.

We can send you an application form to complete, sign and return.

Once your application is received you’ll be contacted for an interview.