Community Service Announcements (CSAs)

What is a CSA?

Community Service Announcements (CSAs) are those announcements which promote a charitable cause or activity, or which constitute a service to the community.

CSAs are broadcast by 3mFM at various times throughout our regular programming.

All CSAs are given equal priority & played randomly throughout the day.

How do I arrange a CSA?

3mFM Organisation Members can request a CSA to promote their not-for-profit Community Group & its activities by completing our online ‘Add Community Event‘ form.

Visit our 3mFM Membership page (by clicking here) for details on joining as a Community Organisation member.

Why not script & record it yourself? Checkout our how-to guide below.

Looking for more information?

Interested in requesting a CSA that will be broadcast on 3mFM radio, but need some help?

Didn’t quite get all the details from a CSA that you heard on 3mFM?

Contact Peter by calling the station on 5674 1900 or emailing

Do it yourself guide

With guidance from 3mFM, some Community groups script & record their own CSAs, which they then provide to us as an audio file.

While that may seem a little daunting at first, it can also be very rewarding, provide flexibility for you & greater accuracy of your intended message.

A regularly heard voice representing a specific group can help to reinforce connections to that group. Similarly, it can help to give your name, as it makes the message more personal & helps with brand recognition.

Clearly spoken & evenly paced CSAs are generally around 25 seconds in duration, with a maximum of 30 seconds.

Writing the Script

By writing a draft script & reading it outloud to yourself, you will be able to gauge the total time & modify your text to focus on the key information you wish to get across & prioritise what’s important. Don’t try to say too much & jam it into 30s by speaking quickly; it will just overload those listening to your message,

As a guide, script text is generally around 80 words.

Feel free to add your name, such as “This is Sally from Wombat Helpers…”.

If you want to allow for people to be able to contact you, please provide only one contact method. Either phone number, email address, website or Facebook. Something that’s easy to remember. Note: The preceding ‘http://’ or ‘www’ is not needed for a website & ’03’ is not required for a local phone number. It wastes time & confuses people who are trying to mentally remember your contact info. No one is going to recall a long & complex website URL or email address. If you know for sure that it works in your specific case, you can even say something like ‘Google Wombat Helpers for more information’.

Voice Recording

A mobilephone with a record function & a quiet carpeted room or walk-in-robe with clothing can yield excellent audio quality results.

Speak clearly & not too loudly. Soft furnishings & carpet help to prevent echo. Avoid wind, glass windows, noises such as traffic & people talking in the background.

Record while standing & smiling. You’ll be amazed at how much difference it makes to the final result.

Listen critically to your recording. Can it be clearly understood? Re-record if needed.

Send us your final script & audio

Please email the final version of your script & the audio recording to us at

Help always available

Be assured, that the 3mFM team is always on-hand to give assistance & feedback on your script & recordings.

With a little persistence, it won’t be long before you are sounding like a professional & your groups message is being effectively broadcast across South Gippsland & Bass Coast!

Contact Peter by calling the station on 5674 1900 or emailing