Our Presenters

Bill Stainsby

I host Easy Classics and co-host Spotlight with my grandson Darcy.  It is a great pleasure presenting with Darcy and sharing our knowledge with our listeners.  Each week for Spotlight, Darcy and I pick an artist, a year or whatever with bits of trivia thrown in. We also have Song of the Week. Darcy and I pick a song each to feature with bits of trivia thrown in.

Cliff Hammond

I host Eclectica on Monday nights. The show is called “Eclectica” because it has no particular style, only the very best of every style and every era, in my opinion of course! Researching, preparing and delivering the show stretches my talents and gives me the chance to be creative.  Community Radio is the icing on the cake and enables me  to give something back and enjoy myself at the same time.

Darcy Holden

I host The Mix On 3mFM and play top 40 hits from the past 50 years.  I also co-host Spotlight with Bill, who happens to be my grandfather. Spotlight puts the spotlight on a particular genre, artist, album, decade or year. I have always enjoyed the personal feeling about listening to the radio and as a presenter I get to play music I like and talk about topics I like to the world.

David Norton

I co-host Ramalama Ding Dong on Friday nights with Denis and Nang. Our program is mainly music but we try to highlight local events and some current news. Each show has a theme based around Soul, Funk, Disco & Rock N’ Roll music. I enjoy making up themes each week to keep the program fresh. I like all styles of music and so we play different songs each week.

Denis McRae

I co-host Ramalama Ding Dong on Friday nights with David and Nang.  I enjoy playing different genres of music and songs that we don’t hear on radio these days. Each week we have a theme that allows us to play different styles of music.  During the show we also like to include Community Service Announcements and let listeners know what is happening in the community.

Gav Ross

I host Jams Run Free on Thursday nights. The show features newly released local and international jams with no boundaries. The jams are across various genres, sometimes noisy, sometimes gentle, always interesting. Listening to new and upcoming records makes me a happy chap and I love compiling playlists and sharing new sounds.

George Witherow

I host Memories and More on Sunday nights.  My show is a stroll down memory lane with songs from the good old days!  Sometimes  I also host This Great Country on Saturday mornings.  I have been a presenter since 1993 and have worked on a varied range of programs from music to football. My grandson Jarrod is also a presenter and sometimes he will join me on Memories and More.

Ian W. Beer

My program is Song People that airs every Wednesday evening at 6pm, highlighting some of the great songwriters. Spanning many era’s past to present and crossing many genres from Rock to country, acoustic, folk and Americana, I search far and wide for great songs. I also have a segment called Local Song People, where I play and host local songwriters/performers. On the weekends you can hear me hosting Local Focus, a show that shines a spotlight on what is happening in your local community, with interviews, community announcements and information. Every Saturday at 1pm and Sundas at 10am.

Janette Little

I host Celtic Crossover on Sunday afternoons. My program features mostly Celtic Folk music, but also play music that has a Celtic influence.  American country music and blue grass has a Celtic heritage, so I throw in a bit of that too.  Many of the artists I play I have been lucky enough to see perform  live and I love sharing this genre of music with listeners.

Jennifer Paragreen

I host That’s Entertainment on Sunday afternoons, which is 3mFM’s longest running program. My program is jam packed with theatre news as well as some great music from shows and musicals. I like attending plays, musicals, opera and other theatrical events most weekends so during my show I let listeners know what’s on, what’s coming up and also some reviews.

Kaye Treloar

I host The Breakfast Club with my husband Grahame and we have lots of fun.  I have been told by listeners that we sound like we are enjoying ourselves.  As well as the Breakfast Club I’m also 3mFM’s Membership Coordinator and I regularly help out with 3mFM bingo. I enjoy volunteering and the 3mFM team are great.