Outrageous Harmonies with Anita

  • 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Anita presented a specialist music program on Melbourne community radio for the past 23 years, most recently culminating with her 650th edition of ‘Women on Waves’ on JOY 94.9.  She recently relocated to this region and is excited about her new program, ‘Outrageous Harmonies’, which brings her eclectic mix of alternative women’s music and comedy to a new audience.

Her favourite hobbies have been Sailing, Travelling and Writing – Anita has also just published her first novel. Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology & Politics) and M A from Monash University. She spent the majority of her working life with both Federal and State government service in the field of Organisational Development and Training, but most recently has been conducting her own business Consultancy in Health Promotion Planning.