3mFM Jams Run Free

3mFM Jams Run Free – 20 April 2017

Join Gav with new and recently released stuff….


April 21, 2017

3mFM Jams Run Free – 13 April 2017

This week Gav Ross brings you more recently released stuff….

April 14, 2017

3mFM Jams Run Free – 6 April 2017

This universe’s coolest DJ, Gav Ross, brings you new and recently released tracks every Thursday from 8pm on 3mFM – get on to it!


April 10, 2017

3mFM Jams Run Free – 30 March 2017

SHADES of Fleetwood Mac abound in the ace solo debut from Iowa City native BRIDGET KEARNEY.

And it’s this week’s rad JRF Feature Album.

Also sprinkled throughout …

April 10, 2017