How to listen to 3mFM via Live Streaming

Internet Browser Popout – Listen now

[popup url=”” height=”460″ width=”520″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”] Click here to listen now via a popup box[/popup]

TuneIn – Requires Tunein App


Live streaming is available via the TuneIn App. Search for “3mFM”.

TuneIn is available for Apple iOS, Android, Sonos, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod & many other devices.

3mFM station link on TuneIn

Talk to your digital voice assistant

  • “Hey Google, play 3mFM” works
  • “Alexa, play 3mF on TuneIn” works (note: M left out of FM)
  • “Hey Siri, play 3mFM on TuneIn” doesn’t work. Plays mFM. See if you can convince Siri to behave.

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Desktop or Mobile device

M3U: Try this one first. It’s the most universal & common:

MP3: iTunes, iPhone, Android, Windows & others :

PLS: iTunes, VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player & others:

ASX: Windows Media Player:

Alternate streaming channel (Experimental)

Suggested Players

VLC player (MS Windows / Apple Mac)

iTunes (MS Windows / Apple Mac)

Windows Media Player (MS Windows)

Others services

We are currently working to be included on myTuner and iHeartRadio 


If you have any issues, please contact us